Celebrity Marketing

If you are celebrity then your main income is most likely from acting, sports, music, TV or from any similar talent which is associated with the entertainment industry. As celebrities build their personal brand through continuous public appearances many celebrities then get asked to endorse other well known brands and products, which can help boost their personal brand, awareness and income streams.

From this awareness the celebrity then grows a particular fan base which usually becomes personally interactive and online through popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for example. But this celebrity marketing opportunity doesn’t need to stop there!

Celebrities these days are almost everywhere especially in the digital world and most celebrities will have a standard website where fans can go and find out more. But more and more celebrities are starting to realise that celebrity marketing and celebrity ecommerce can go much further than your standard website.

Inner Sanxtum offer an exclusive and bespoke celebrity marketing opportunity which enables celebrity personalities to develop a celebrity website design and celebrity ecommerce website in order for them to sell more of their personal branded products, event tickets, one to one experiences and merchandise.

The Inner Sanxtum product helps integrate your social media channels all into one platform which then enables your fans to continue their online social experience of your celebrity brand and to then buy your products directly from your celebrity website rather than through third party sites who will be cutting into your profit margins.

Whether you are an established celebrity brand already with a social media following or you are an up and coming celebrity within your sector of either, TV, film, acting, sports or music. Inner Sanxtum can build your own celebrity website design and celebrity ecommerce website which is tailored directly to your exact requirements, celebrity products and social media channels.

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Celebrity Marketing