5 top tips for celebrity website design

If you are new to the world of celebrity or you are an existing celebrity who has a social media following you might like to know how you can best monetise your social media fan base and how to drive revenue from your existing online customer base whilst continuing to build your personal brand through social media marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing all from one single integrated ecommerce platform.

Inner Sanxtum have come up with 5 top tips for celebrity website design on how to make the most of your online presence and to continue to develop your personal celebrity brand through our unique celebrity ecommerce payment solution:

Sell merchandise

If you have an existing celebrity website you can use Inner Sanxtum to help you sell merchandise such as T-Shirts, downloads, gifts and anything else which will help you to monetise your online customer base.

Sell merchadise - 5 top tips for celebrity website design

The unique celebrity ecommerce payment solution from Inner Sanxtum can be added to your existing celebrity website or we can create your very own unique bespoke celebrity website design which is personal to your own brand. Our integrated payment solution will give you the opportunity to increase your online revenue and to help sell more easily through your social media and email channels automatically driving traffic and sales through one single ecommerce platform for better profit margins on your personal branded merchandise.

Sell tickets

Whether you are a celebrity singer, celebrity actor or celebrity reality TV star you can use Inner Sanxtum with your unique celebrity website design to sell tickets to your shows, events or special appearances through your own single ecommerce platform.

The Inner Sanxtum software needs minimal integration into any existing celebrity website or we can create your very own unique celebrity website design where you can easily manage all your ticket sales through one platform allowing your fans to come to your website to buy direct tickets for all your events which gives you the opportunity cross sell merchandise and any other branded products that you would like to sell to your existing customer base.

Sell experiences

The Inner Sanxtum celebrity software solution allows you to personalise your fan’s experience by selling one to one virtual experiences or backstage experiences at your events and where better to sell these experiences but direct from your own unique celebrity website.

Sell experiences - 5 top tips for celebrity website design

These exclusive fan experiences can be sold via your own celebrity website or as part of special competition or group package of tickets and merchandise. By being able to cross sell through your celebrity website using the Inner Sanxtum ecommerce solution you can build your brand and profit margins all from one single payment platform.

Integrate payments

The Inner Sanxtum payment solution allows easy integrated payments to fit your celebrity website design and to make payments fast and efficient. This includes a simple payment gateway which is immediate allowing your celebrity fans and customer base to process payments for your merchandise purchases, tickets purchases and experiences using debit and credit cards.

Our systems are built direct into your site so that customers are not taken away from the site which allows you to monetise your own celebrity website design to create a great fan experience and to build customer confidence with the view of building return business for your celebrity brand and product sales.

Unify your social nets

The Inner Sanxtum celebrity website design service allows you to create a dedicated live feed from all your social media networks into your celebrity branded website which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other important social networks that you use for your celebrity awareness, fan interaction and engagement.

Unify your social nets - 5 top tips for celebrity website design

By unifying and integrating your social media channels into your website this will not only help build your social media following, but it will increase social media engagement and continued awareness of your brand from one single dedicated page on your celebrity website. You can monetise this opportunity to market and sell your merchandise, tickets and experiences across all important social media networks and to increase brand awareness, online sales and traffic back into your celebrity website.

Book a demo

Our celebrity website design and ecommerce solutions are completely bespoke and we will design your website to your exact requirements. If you would like to book a free on-line demo please complete the book a demo form or call Inner Sanxtum for more information on +44 20 7377 9440.

Jude Law, a great face for radio


The award-winning Wireless Theatre Company produces radio dramas, comedies and short stories for digital download. They feature famous actors and Jude Law, Brian Blessed, Jo Brand and Stephen Fry are regular contributors to their glittering line-up.

Specialising in new material from around the world, by the end of last year they had showcased over 177 actors in productions from 43 new writers. Now with a strong following they’re at the stage where they need to monetize their community to improve the service and at the same time increase their audience.

Inner Sanxtum’s new site for The Wireless Theatre Company includes an online store, ticketing system and event management. Having previously been a free service the challenge was to migrate the existing customers to the new, paid-for service. To facilitate this Inner Sanxtum implemented a three tier membership to allow users to choose from a range of affordable options ie £3 per month, £25 a yearor a £99 lifetime membership.

Inner Sanxtum’s technology also enabled added-value features likethe web chat feature giving subscribers direct chat access to the actors, writers and directors. Social media integration has driven traffic up with around 150,000 visitors a month.

Karen David’s Inner Sanxtum


Signed by BGM, singer-songwriter Karen David is also an actress in shows like Mamma Mia, TV like Waterloo Road and movies like The Scorpion King :The Rise of a Warrior, Batman Begins, Red Lights and Shadow Recruit.

Having built a serious following on social media she needed a home where her community could interact with her as well as each other. Inner Sanxtum became that new home with a fully revised site.

Dealing with the feeds, posts, follows and likes was time-consuming and not something that could be easily automated without risking the fan base switching off. Inner Sanxtum'ssocial media account management helped her strengthen her online presence and discover new ways to generate revenue.

Bolting on the power of Inner Sanxtum

  • A brand new feature-rich site with all of her social network feeds together in one view
  • Blog posts that are simple to add-in and automatically posted to all social feeds
  • A booking and payment system for live web chats and exclusive, online or virtual gigs
  • An integrated ticketing systemfor live shows and events
  • A tiered membership platform that fans can subscribe to online
  • An virtual merchandise store with full e-commerce and payment back-end

'The Inner Sanxtum stuff is just a dream for me and my followers to use. The guys integrate it seamlessly into my site. I just think of something that I want to sell online and they do the rest, from putting up the content through to taking payment. It means that I can get on with what I do without the hassle of managing a web team and all the complications of the techie stuff that goes with it. It also means that I am adding real value for my fans – with online gigs, tickets, merchandise etc - and they're only too happy to pay for it.'

Karen David

Visit www.karendavid.com

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